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Welcome to Monmouth Mason Supply, your premier destination for high-quality stone veneer that will transform your fireplace, siding, mailbox, and more. We understand that your project requires the right materials, and that’s exactly what we offer—exquisite stone veneer that elevate your design, durability, and functionality.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive Selection

Explore a vast range of stone to bring your vision to life, with lots on display at our store.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive pricing to ensure that your project remains within budget without compromising on quality.

Reliable Service

Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you need advice on material selection or installation tips we're just a phone call away.

Stone Veneer on Sale

They come in many different styles, colors, and sizes then shown below. Stop by our store to see samples on display. Call ahead if you have any questions.


  • Saddleback 3 Course Ashlar
    • Flats – normally $18.99 per square foot now only $8.99 (70 squatre feet available)
    • Corners – normally $32.99 per linera foot now only $13.99 (10 feet available)
  • Lancaster Castlestone
    • Flats – normally $18.99 now only $8.99 (100 square feet flats available)
  • Westcoast Color Ledgestone
    • Flats – normally $11.99 now $7.99 (34 linear feet)
    • Corners –  orginally $19.99 now $9.99 (687 square feet available)
  • Mesa Quarry Ledgestone
    • Flats – origianlly 12.99 now $8.99(660 feet availible)
    • Corners – originally $20.99 now $10.99 (97 feet availible)

Cultured Stone Brand

  • Umber Creek color Country Ledgestone

    • Flats – Regular price $10.90 now only $7.99 (160 square feet available)

  • Ferrous color Sculpted Ashlar

    • Flats – Regular price $10.90 now only $7.50 (50 square feet available)

    • Corners – Regular $15.90 now only 10.99 (40 linear feet available)


  • Rockmount Cosmic Black
    • Corners – Originally $10.97 now $9.50
  • Rockmount Cosmic Gray
    • Flats – Originally $7.48 now $6.50
    • Corners – Originally $10.98 now $9.50
  • Rockmount Golden Honey

    • Flats – Originally $8.99 per square foot now $4.99. (36 square feet available)

R Stone

  • Spring Lake Ledgestone

    • Flats – Normally 14.99 now $9.99 (400 feet)
    • Corners – Normally $19.99 now 13.99 (150 feet)

See it on Display

Get a feel of the material before you buy. We have an indoor showroom, showcasing our large selection of products.

Indoor Showroom

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Give us a call and make an appointment to view all we offer. Our experts can show you our selection and go over pricing info. 

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