Concrete Block & Accessories

Get ready to enhance your construction projects with the strength and versatility of our concrete block and accessories. At Monmouth Mason Supply, we offer a wide range of top-quality products that cater to the needs of contractors, architects, and homeowners. Whether you’re working on a small renovation or a large-scale construction project, our concrete blocks provide a solid foundation that stands the test of time. We have a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your unique design ideas.

Our selection

Concrete Block

  • 12X4X16 Concrete Half High Solid (Solid Pier)
  • 12X8X16 Concrete Hollow (Hollow Stretcher)
  • 12X8X16 Concrete Open Bottom B/Beam (Knock Out Bond Beam)
  • 12X8X16 Lt Wt Fha (Hollow Fha Cap 3 Core)
  • 12X8X16 Single Face Hollow [Group 1]
  • 12X8X16 Solid Bottom Bond Beam
  • 12X8X8 Concrete Corner (Hollow Corner Sash)
  • 16X8X16 Lt Wt Chimney Block
  • 2X8X16 Concrete Solid (Solid Pier)
  • 4X8X16 Concrete Hollow (Hollow Pier)
  • 4X8X16 Concrete Solid (Solid Pier/ Jam Block)
  • 4X8X16 Single Face Hollow
  • 6X8X16 Concrete Hollow (Hollow Stretcher / Corner Sash)
  • 8X16X8 Bond Beam Lintel
  • 8X4X16 Concrete Hollow Half High (Hollow Stretcher)
  • 8X8X16 Concrete Fha (Hollow Fha Cap)
  • 8X8X16 Concrete Hollow (Hollow Stretcher)
  • 8X8X16 Concrete Open Bottom B/Beam (Knock Out Bond Beam)

Concrete lintels

  • Lintel 4X8X112
  • Lintel 4X8X120
  • Lintel 4X8X144
  • Lintel 4X8X32
  • Lintel 4X8X48
  • Lintel 4X8X64
  • Lintel 4X8X72
  • Lintel 4X8X88
  • Lintel 4X8X96
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